Presentation Essentials

This training provides the fundamental skills and strategies for organizing and presenting information to a formal or informal audience.

Learn the essential principles, strategies and skills necessary for effective presenting.

  • Delivery Skills – Manage nervousness that adversely affects delivering a message by mastering the fundamental skills
  • Organization Skills – Control information by targeting the most important points for this audience and visually present with the greatest impact
  • Interaction Skills – Manage questions and answers to promote full understanding and clear thinking under pressure

For anyone who presents information to internal or external clients.


  • Multiple group skill practice exercises
  • Individual skill practice with instructor coaching
  • Role Play in multiple scenarios
  • Video recorded and reviewed


  • Pre and Post evaluation
  • Personal Performance Plan for recorded presentations
  • Reinforcement Skills Card
  • Personal Coaching DVD of a recorded presentation
  • Actively Coaching on the job

Two instructors for up to 15 participants; one instructor for up to ten participants
Program length is 2 days – 1 day possible depending on client needs


This training provides the fundamental skills and strategies for organizing and presenting information to a formal or informal audience.


  • Baseline Diagnostic – Initial goal setting, pre-assessment measurement and diagnostic analysis using a video recorded baseline introduction. They become aware of how they come across to an audience, and establish a starting point for measuring their growth through the training.
  • Focused Eye Contact – Strategic eye contact is practiced as a critical skill to reduce nervousness, improve thinking on your feet, and read the audience. Individual coached practice before the group using topical content.
  • Energy Release – Volume, gestures and stance are practiced as skills essential for channeling energy into individual expressiveness and credibility. Individual coached practice before the group using vocal volume and inflection, pace, non-word awareness, posture, and appropriate gestures. Video recorded and privately reviewed.
  • Organization – Audience analysis and speaker formats are used to structure their business message persuasively for the listener, stressing both deductive and inductive logic. Each area is developed for clarity, brevity and memorable language targeting influential decision-making. Individual work with group feedback.
  • Visualization – Impactful visuals are constructed following proven principles for clarity and effectiveness, then delivered using a skill that insures maximum listener impact. Individual work with group feedback and coaching.
  • Presentations – All skills learned are used to deliver their presentation seated to a small group and standing before the entire group. Coached, video recorded and privately reviewed.
  • Q&A – Skills are learned to clarify and transform challenges and hostility into agreement and understanding while maintaining positive relationships. Individual work with group feedback, coaching, video recorded and reviewed.


  • Speak on the Spot – Strategies and skills are used to maximize impromptu interactions.
  • Brief the Boss – A format for updating the boss that is clear, concise and easy to use.