Selling & Negotiation

IMPAX’s greatest strength is helping companies communicate persuasively when it truly counts. For most companies, that crucial moment is when it is time to close the deal. Without the right sales and negotiation tactics, all of your hard work connecting with clients and showcasing your company’s skillset is at risk of falling into the void.

The good news is that you don’t have to take that gamble — instead, you can trust IMPAX’s team of industry experts to guide you and your team on the path to success and profits. Consider our impactful selling and negotiation trainings to finally attain the results that you and your team have been chasing.

Sales Matters

Closing a deal is an incredible feeling, but at IMPAX, we believe that there is much more to a successful client interaction than just a signature on a dotted line. Our team’s combined decades in the industry have shown us that prioritizing client relationships is a more sustainable approach for building trust and credibility with your audience than blindly chasing every sale. For the inside scoop on how to establish a good rapport with clients and ultimately create professional relationships that will last, IMPAX’s Sales Matters Program highlights the importance of sales for the viability of your business while teaching powerful communication techniques that treat clients as more than dollar signs.

Sales can be a delicate art — luckily, this art can be taught. We’ve gathered the best in the biz to show you how it’s done within the context of your own company! Our coaches’ track records speak for themselves — IMPAX is proud to have coached over 200 Fortune 500 clients over the years. After taking the time to learn the ins and outs of your business model, our experts interact with your team to correct communication mishaps that are losing you real sales and customers.

Negotiations Skills

Does the thought of negotiation make you squirm with discomfort? You’re not alone. Many businesspeople are uneasy when faced with negotiation, but our IMPAX experts believe that mutually beneficial agreements can be achieved with confidence and amicability. Our Negotiation Skills Program is designed to equip your team with top-notch techniques that produce favorable negotiations without the discomfort. This results-oriented program covers everything you need to know about negotiation, from mindset and tactics to communication strategies. By honing in on your team’s communication techniques, we are able to fine-tune your client interactions in ways that will benefit your business long-term.

Our IMPAX experts understand the amount of dedication and effort that is needed to maintain a thriving business, particularly in these trying times. We teach businesses to negotiate well, and even to negotiate beyond value. This technique will allow you to maximize profits and reach levels of success that were never before thought possible. Join the long list of clients who we have helped grow beyond their wildest dreams — sign up for our Negotiation Skills Program today!