Negotiation Skills

Reach Agreement and Build Positive Relationships

To develop skills that enable negotiators to best:
• Understand their customer’s position
• Defend their own company’s interests
• Collaborate to reach an agreement

During a full day of engaging exercises, participants learn to:
• Open the negotiation with a positive tone
• Listen to the customer’s negotiating position
• Probe to find the customer’s interests and concerns
• Summarize the other party’s negotiating position
• Say “No” tactfully and credibly
• Make a compelling case for saying “no”
• Deliver counteroffers that protect their own interests
• Package and confirm the agreement to assure consistency
• Close on agreement and set next steps

Instructional Methods
• Role plays using participant’s real world examples
• Numerous practice sessions
• Skill-based, instructor briefings
• Immediate peer feedback
• Instructor-led debriefings of skills use
• Videotape reinforcement
Who Should Attend
Anyone who negotiates with either internal or external clients
Program Length
One full day
Class Size
Maximum ten (10) participants

Sample Agenda:

Open With a Positive Tone
To set the mood and get the other party talking.
Listen to Their Position
To know the full scope of what they want.
Probe for Interests & Concerns
To surface the underlying reasons for their position.
Summarize All You Hear
To check for thoroughness and accuracy.
Say “No” Tactfully & Explain
To frame your response with firmness, courtesy and persuasion.
Make a compelling case for “no”
Respectfully decline unacceptable demands – make a compelling case for alternatives
Counteroffer with an “if you…then I…”
To request a concession before offering one.
Package & Confirm the Agreement
To assure all issues are resolved with shared understanding.
Close on agreement
Conclude with a firm understanding of the terms of agreement and a commitment to next steps